Tuesday, 9 June 2009


Hey guys, just a quick introduction to this whole deal...

I love cooking. Like, seriously love it. I love meandering around the local market and asking questions to gnarly old dudes who run gnarly old butchers. I love buying the weirdest fish I can get and then working out how the hell I make it taste awesome.

So here I am writing a blog about my everyday encounters with cooking rad food. And I'm going to try and explain it so that my friends (and my not-friends) can learn that cooking amazing food doesn't have to be this serious, hardcore task that you dread - it should be fun! I guess that's where the 'punk rock' bit comes from. Don't get me wrong - I love punk rock music - but this is about trying to explain and explore cookery in a way that is so far removed from reading Jamie Oliver books: just straight-talking food. With maybe a few little anecdotes thrown in for good measure...

Anyways, hope you enjoy the blog and feel free to mail me at harry.johns@hotmail.co.uk about how much of a dick I am or some recipes I should try out etc.


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