Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Italian Carbonara

Ok, so Victor was telling me how his grandparents are Italian and how awesome his carbonara is. This is where I thought carbonara is the cheesy ham sauce thing, right? It's kind-of boring and naf right?
So actually, it seems, carbonara RULES. It's since become this horrible supermarket creamfest, but the Italian way - you don't even use cream! This dish is totally perfect for the summer too as it's not that heavy and could be eaten hot or cold, sat in the garden listening to Black Mountain...

You Need:
Packet of fresh pasta
3 cloves garlic
2-3 handfuls parmesan cheese
4-6 rashers of cheap-ish bacon
3-4 eggs
lettuce, white onion, tomatos and balsamic vinegar (optional side salad)
salt & pepper
(serves 3-4 people)

1. Throw your fresh pasta in some salted boiling water for about 3-4 mins. You're using fresh pasta because it's awesome and not as expensive as you think, plus it tastes way better and cooks loads faster.
2. Whilst this is going on, chop your garlic up and your bacon and fry them in a little olive oil on a medium heat in a pretty big wok or frying pan. I prefer cheaper bacon because you're actually enhancing the flavours with the fat that comes off cheaper stuff (thanks Victor).
3. Once the pasta is done, drain then literally chuck it in with the garlic and bacon (which, by the way, will be smelling awesome by now) and give it a huge stir. Before anything can start sticking to your wok/pan, simply crack your eggs straight into the pasta/bacon/garlic mixture and get stirring!
4. By this time, I was a little freaked out by the whole 'throwing pasta into a hot frying pan' thing but by vigorously stirring all the time everything starts to look pretty good. Now you sprinkle parmesan cheese into the mix bit by bit. Obviously, the more your throw in, the cheesier it becomes but I don't recommend using other cheeses because it may taste good but it ain't carbonara kid...
5. Turn the heat off the mixture and quickly bang together your salad - some lettuce, half a medium-choppped onion, chunks of tomato and a healthy dressing of balsamic (and olive oil if you're feeling crazy) in a side bowl.
6. Serve your pasta with a little salad, a drizzle of olive oil and you're golden!!

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